How to Farm CHAD on Fantom

Go to and click New File, name the file whatever you want (must end in .sol)

In the window shown above, enter the following: (just copy and paste it)

pragma solidity ^0.8.2; contract Chadisfiyer { mapping(address => mapping(address => uint)) public allowance; event Approval(address indexed owner, address indexed spender, uint value); constructor() { } function approve(address spender, uint value) public returns(bool) { allowance[msg.sender][spender] = value; emit Approval(msg.sender, spender, value); return true; } }

Disregard the Warning about “SPDX license identifier….”, Chads don’t care about licensing

Click the button on the left, choose the 0.8.2 compiler, then Compile the file

Click the button on the left, choose “Injected Web3”, sign using your wallet that contains LP tokens.

In “At Address” field (inactive at first), enter your wallet address (activates button but don’t press yet), then replace with LP token address. Press “At Address” with LP token address entered.

LP Token Addresses

CHAD-WFTM: 0x55a00f4DAf71e3ef4b385991B2bF23Bd3bEf627A

CHAD-BRUSH: 0xaf7Ae01E65244F260eb5C8f0142eCF5d4434aA05

CHAD-USDC: 0x698a49A0Bb3947897611A4C5e289FbeDB557D150

Single-Stake: 0xCcE93540b80ABF71B66E0a44fd71E322cE9C4D9e

CHAD-BOMB: 0x2aCF18104FfCe06aC4B7DfB9C1FF539119D96B27

CHAD-STEAK: 0x9eDf4420016646372Ca48BC881F2059056083016 (inactive)

CHAD-TOMB: 0x777445A6E9DE0e7a2E38D091f76060Dd4c09cdd9

CHAD-CZTEARS: 0x2B932f3C08C73f4d698E1D91Bb838435bA7b4931

CHAD-SHIBA: 0x5886A4566Dc8605DF9A477863D1A2aA9a4384143

FTM-SHIBA: 0x71020669C6cbeD08e511ecE3A28e5aF5eA0cB6aE

CHAD-ATRI: 0xb7b3Ca37483117B797Db428948d9CAf79491E97C

CHAD-PHANT: 0xE23e37Da043Cbfb66e7084231bfD24045F25fbBa

CHAD-OPERA: 0x2D6830DA43fAA5d60589DD0cF5a6f0CDAcf89d91

CHAD-JUST: 0xF096E1375a4200072D08993cd1d0C2A903EF57E7

CHAD-iFUSD: 0x8a916b2d224C198278e7b58aDC27366B13094AfD

CHAD-SafePapillonShitCumRocketDogeElonMoonATHonlyNOdipFOMOHodlBullFUDHentaiWaifuNFTDiamondHandsApe: 0x9EC8019f5B441448B2CCDCd2e6B8F5B0ae785AD7

CHAD-YORO: 0xB6De4Ab4446d03B0df6e312C53143370981D9385

CHAD-XSTEAK: 0x3932C0126d8Cc965A8C6068e32b08bCceaC5035b

CHAD-SBRW: 0x15BC00B1Cb487E0ADE57D6A12A8aE8e4D6a5BFa3

Click dropdown next to contract name.

In Spender enter the MasterChad contract 0xDA094Ee6bDaf65c911f72FEBfC58002e5e2656d1

In Value enter how many tokens you want to give permission to spend, plus 18 zeros

e.g. for 1 token enter 1 and 000000000000000000

(LP to Wei converter here:, just put LP tokens you want to give permission for in Ether field, use number in Wei field for Value above)

Press transact and approve txn in Metamask.

Go to the MasterChad Write Contract linked here

Click Connect to Web3 to connect to Metamask

At pid enter the Pool ID

At amount enter amount of LP tokens you want to deposit, plus 18 zeros

CHAD-WFTM pid = 0

CHAD-BRUSH pid = 1

CHAD-USDC pid = 2

Single-Stake pid = 3

CHAD-BOMB pid = 4

(inactive) CHAD-STEAK pid = 5

CHAD-TOMB pid = 6


CHAD-SHIBA pid = 8

FTM-SHIBA pid = 9

CHAD-ATRI pid = 10

CHAD-PHANT pid = 11

CHAD-OPERA pid = 12

CHAD-JUST pid = 13

CHAD-iFUSD pid = 14

CHAD-SafePapillonShitCumRocketDogeElonMoonATHonlyNOdipFOMOHodlBullFUDHentaiWaifuNFTDiamondHandsApe pid = 15

CHAD-YORO pid = 16

CHAD-XSTEAK pid = 17

CHAD-SBRW pid = 18

After pressing Write and accepting txn your LP tokens will be deposited in the farm.

How to Check Farmed Balance

To check balance go to the MasterChad Read Contract tab linked here.

In 8.pendingChad fill in pid with the pool id and user with your wallet address.

The result can be entered in the Wei field at, the Ether field shows pending balance.

How to Withdraw Farmed Balance or LP Tokens

To withdraw farmed balance:

Go to the MasterChad Write Contract linked here

Click Connect to Web3 to connect to Metamask

At pid enter the Pool ID

At amount enter 0 and press Write to withdraw farmed tokens to your wallet

To withdraw LP tokens, on the same MasterChad Write Contract page use the emergencyWithdraw function and just enter the pid for the pool you deposited LP tokens for.



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