HODL on Fantom

HODL is a new token on the Fantom chain that rewards hodlers on the hour, every hour for simply having the coins in their wallet.

Every hour a positive rebase occurs and the contract mints a new coin, increasing the total supply by 1. This newly minted coin is distributed to the existing holders according to their current percentage of the circulating supply. Every day there will only be 24 added to the total supply, and these coins are always split amongst the existing holders.

We’ve got an easy to use website where you can claim your rebase rewards. If for some reason this doesn’t work, you can always send yourself 0 HODL from metamask and you’ll claim your rewards. Any interaction with the HODL contract by your address causes you to claim your rewards (except dumping, then unclaimed rewards are forfeited). This truly is a situation where it pays to be a Chad and interact directly with the contract.

All presale funds were combined with any leftover HODL not sold to create the LP, and the LP tokens were burned. The dev only purchased 0.5 HODL at the start just like everybody else that bought the maximum. Total fair launch here.


Total supply is 100, and you hold 10 coins in your wallet. On the first rebase after you acquire these 10 coins a new coin is minted, of which you’ll receive 0.1 coins (10% of the newly minted coin since you own 10% of total supply).


Total starting supply: 24 coins

Total coins sold in presale: 12 coins

Presale price per coin: 1000 FTM

Maximum presale amount per person: 0.5 coin


What were presale funds used for?— All 12,000 FTM was combined with 12 HODL coins to create the LP. This made the initial listing price equal to the presale price. The LP tokens were then burned to prevent a “rug pull”

What happens if I don’t withdraw my rebase rewards to my wallet? — Your rewards will simply accumulate until you withdraw them to your wallet. Auto-compounding is always done for you, and you receive rewards based on wallet balance + any unclaimed rewards.

What if I use my HODL coins to provide liquidity and receive LP tokens in return? — You will still receive positive rebase rewards whether your coins are in your wallet or in the LP pool.


Discord: https://discord.gg/suZRkVMvSh

Twitter: https://twitter.com/HODLOnFantom

Website: https://hodlfantom.com/



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