Abbreviated Metamask Setup and Bridging to Fantom Blockchain

Pro Tip: We have a FTM faucet for those first trades on the Fantom Opera chain at our discord, linked at the end of this article. Happy aping!!

Step 1: Add Fantom to Metamask

Fill in the above info under Settings->Networks

Network Name: Fantom Opera


Chain ID: 250

Currency Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL:

Step 2: Bridging from BSC or Matic to Fantom using Anyswap

Switch your Metamask wallet to Smart Chain (from BSC) or Matic (from Matic)

Go to and select Connect to a wallet in upper right corner

Select the From (BSC or Matic) at top, the To (FTM) at bottom. Select USDC as the token, and Approve USDC. Now click Swap to send funds from BSC or Matic to the FTM chain.

You can add USDC to your Assets using the USDC contract 0x04068da6c83afcfa0e13ba15a6696662335d5b75

Step 3: Ape into HODL on PaintSwap.Finance

HODL can be purchased at the link below on PaintSwap

PaintSwap can handle smaller purchases of HODL using USDC (routes through FTM), but for larger purchases you’ll want to swap from USDC to FTM using the two exchanges below as they have much more liquidity:




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