HODL is a new token on the Fantom chain that rewards hodlers on the hour, every hour for simply having the coins in their wallet.

Every hour a positive rebase occurs and the contract mints a new coin, increasing the total supply by 1. This newly minted coin is distributed…

Pro Tip: We have a FTM faucet for those first trades on the Fantom Opera chain at our discord, linked at the end of this article. Happy aping!!

Step 1: Add Fantom to Metamask

Fill in the above info under Settings->Networks

Network Name: Fantom Opera

New RPC URL: https://rpc.ftm.tools/

Chain ID: 250

Currency Symbol: FTM

Block Explorer URL: https://ftmscan.com/

Step 2: Bridging from BSC or Matic to Fantom using Anyswap

Switch your Metamask wallet…

HODL on Fantom

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